Ongoing Research

Engineering & Lifecycle Tool Interoperability Tailored for Embedded Systems Design

Component-Based Approaches for Embedded Real-Time Operating Systems and Applications

Scientific Collaborations

R&D Activities

  • TESTOMAT (2017-2020): Test Automation -- ITEA sponsored.
  • REVaMP (2016-2019): Round-trip Engineering and Variability Management Platform and Process -- ITEA sponsored.
  • ASSUME (2015-2018): Affordable Safe & Secure Mobility Evolution -- ITEA sponsored.
  • CP-SETIS (2015-2016): Towards Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering Tools Interoperability Standards -- H2020 sponsored.
  • CRYSTAL (2013-2016): Critical System Engineering Acceleration -- ARTEMIS JU Organisation sponsored.
  • MBAT (2011-2014): Combined Model-based Analysis and Testing of Embedded Systems -- ARTEMIS JU Organisation sponsored.
  • iFEST (2010-2013): industrial Framework for Embedded Systems Tools -- ARTEMIS JU Organisation sponsored.
  • MIND (2008-2011): Assembly Technology of Embedded Software Components -- French Global competitiveness cluster Minalogic sponsored.
  • Flex-eWare (2006-2010): Open-Source Software Development Tools dedicated to Flexible, Reconfigurable Embedded Systems -- French National Research Agency (ANR) sponsored.
  • REVE (2006-2009): safe Reuse of Embedded components in heterogeneous enVironmEnts -- French National Research Agency (ANR) sponsored.

Thesis Co-Supervisions

  • Guillaume Libersat (PhD, 2008-2011): Development and optimizations of Operating systems using a component-based approach. Funded by the French Ministry of Research.
  • Aleš Plšek (PhD, 2006-2009): Component-oriented approach to design reflective and highly adaptable middleware architectures for distributed, real-time, and embedded systems. Funded by INRIA.

Project Supervisions

  • Juan Aldamiz Orcajo (MSc, 2012): OSLC Tool Adaptor for MATLAB/Simulink with Configuration Management Support.
  • Baptiste Gousset (MSc, 2011): Component-Based Prototyping for OSLC Tool Adapters.
  • Jiarui Hong (MSc, 2011): Automated Generation of Data Integration Solutions for Tool Chains.
  • Wenqing Gu (MSc, 2011): Automated Generation and Orchestration of Services for Tool Adapters.
  • Damien Leflon (MSc, 2010): Porting a Component-Based Real-Time Operating System on a Freescale i.MX27 Architecture.
  • Kevin Sénéchal (MSc, 2009): Implementation of a Queries Language dedicated to Component-Based Model Refinements.
  • Michal Malohlava (PhD internship from Charles University, Prague, 2008): Introducing Distribution into RTSJ-based Component Framework using Connectors.
  • Eric Wartelle (MSc, 2007): Graphical Editor for the Fractal Component Model based on the Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework.
  • Bruno Lebon & Thomas Berthe (MSc, 2006): Component-based Application for Controlling Multimedia Streams in Real-Time.